A ruthless international cartel’s mission is to control the global economy by whatever means necessary.

The Seduction Political Thriller Series

Available in Soft cover, eBook, and Audio

About Carol

Carol Bluestein, aka C.L. Bluestein, is a dedicated, persistent, inquisitive, and self-empowered entrepreneur, using her energy to focus awareness on the critical issues facing our understanding of humanity and democratic republic. Through her books, she addresses many of the current events, relationships, and frustrations of living in our time. Her essays on depression, CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), politics, self-empowerment can be found on The Good Men Project (www.goodmenproject com) or go to the GMP link at CarolBluestein.com. She has also hosted GMP live calls for The Disposability of Men, The Political Landscape, and currently co-hosts Climate Change by the Elements and Covid-19.

About the Seduction Political Thriller Series

A ruthless international cartel’s mission is to control the global economy by whatever means necessary. This series explores the many ways it destroys the lives of people to get caught up in its web of profit over people — at any cost — with deadly consequences. #1 SEDUCTION; #2 PERCEPTION; #3 ISOLATION; and #4 DECEPTION...Best read in order but not necessary.

Featured Reviews

“SEDUCTION takes on a whole new meaning in Bluestein's intricate, political thriller. Readers will find themselves engrossed in it as they follow the powerful players who are playing a very deadly and evil game. Fast-paced and all too realistic.”

—Kristi Elizabeth, San Francisco Book Review

Seduction belongs on the shelves of not just political thriller and suspense collections but in the hearts and minds of women who look for moral and ethical conundrums, powerful women, and dangerous men who face ruthless choices and actions for the sake of the greater good...and themselves.”

—Diane Donovan, Donovan's Literary Services


Also available as audiobooks, narrated by Christa Lewis, a multiple award-winning YA, Fiction, and Audible bestselling narrator.

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Letting Go

My draft of Execution, the 5th book in the CL Bluestein thriller Seduction Series, has left my hands, electronically, for those of my content editor. I’m expecting it back with comments and suggestions in two weeks, give or take. This is my fifth time doing this. I expected to be used to it. But no,…

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