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Release Date: February 25, 2021
Pages: 343
ISBN13: 978-0996621083

Available in Soft cover, eBook, and Audio


A ruthless international cartel’s mission is to control the global economy by whatever means necessary, whether it means blackmailing the U.S. president, employing elite assassination teams, or destroying an African government. No one is beyond their reach—not Ted Donovan, philanthropist and vigilante, U.S. President Franklin Sandford, or Rachel Allen, reclusive writer with PTSD. While they all are dedicated to doing the right thing, they are enveloped in a web of intrigue with deadly consequences.

What Readers Are Saying

“An intriguing mix of fact and fiction with story lines woven into a surprising conclusion. Couldn’t put it down.” Carol M.

“This book’s a page-turner. Couldn’t put it down.” Margaret B.

“Politically savvy thriller threads its way through covert politics, those leveraging wealth and power by manipulating the most vulnerable within the dark, chaotic reality of betrayal and greed. DECEPTION, 4th in the Seduction Series, holds your attention. Big screen ready.” Barbara T.

“"The series would make the coolest TV mini-series... wonder if any TV writers are looking for brilliant new projects." Christa L.


Christa Lewis is a multiple award winning YA, Fiction, and Audible best-selling narrator.