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Release Date: May 15, 2023
Pages: 344
ISBN13: 978-1960299031

Available in Soft cover, eBook, and Audio


How will humanity survive in a profit-driven world?

In a world on the brink, U.S. President Dani Mitchell fights to advance her net zero-carbon agenda, battling the cartel-a shadowy assembly of ruthless capitalists controlling global economies and governments. When a Native American elder offers a bold proposition, Dani finds an unexpected ally.

Enter Chris and Rachel Gregory who are thrust into danger at Gregory Landing's Inn, confronting a relentless onslaught of catastrophes. Amidst unbridled capitalism, the cartel plots to control populations and resources while covertly recruiting the White Supremacy Boys of America as their militia.

From the towering Adirondack Mountains to the hurricane-devastated Atlantic coastline to the political maelstrom in Washington, D.C., life struggles for survival.

In this deadly game, if we accept the "end justifies the means," who are we?

EXECUTION is an exciting thriller read. Get your copy today!


Christa Lewis is a multiple award winning YA, Fiction, and Audible best-selling narrator.

What readers are saying

"An intriguing mix of fact and fiction with story lines woven into a surprising conclusion. Couldn't put it down."
- Reader Review