You Want Me to Do What?

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Walk in the Sandals of Our Ancestors Through the Engaging Contemporary Interactive Story of The Exodus/Passover in Text and Script for Jewish & Interfaith Families A complement to your favorite Haggadah or study groups.

You Want Me to Do What? Jacob asks the Stranger, Joseph asks Pharaoh, Miriam asks her father, Moses asks God, Pharaoh asks Moses and the Israelite asks Moses. In the Passover Story, average people are asked to do the impossible and they do.

You Want Me to Do What? gives every reader chance to experience the Exodus/Passover Story in a character such as Miriam, Pharaoh, Moses or God. It is fun and engaging for seder participants of all ages, each bringing their inner actor to the table.

You Want Me to Do What? uses descriptive paragraphs followed by interactive scripts that are contemporary, humorous, thought-provoking and meaningful regardless of faith or religious education. A guide to the use of the paragraphs and scripts is included.

"You Want Me to Do What? is the most innovative addition to the Passover literature I've seen. This is not just another pretty Haggadah. These interactive mini-dramas will make ANY Seder using any Haggadah come alive for all ages."
Cantor Charles Bergman, Los Angeles, CA

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