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C.L. Bluestein: A Self Portrait

The underlying theme of my work is personal empowerment. The stories themselves come from life and its attendant absurdities. The plots are puzzles—how to get from here to there. The entire process is challenging, fluid, and surprising. I get as lost in writing as I do in reading. And that’s the fun—exploring new and different lives and adventures, living vicariously through characters and situations outside of our comfort zone.

My background in education, sales, marketing, consulting, computers, arts, theater, administration, gardening, and caregiver (dogs and people) as well as family (three children and seven grandchildren) and profession photographer, gives me a unique perspective.

I believe the heroes among us are people who persevere through impossible circumstances. And in doing so, show kindness to those around them, give unselfishly to their community, and, by their role model, inspire others to do the same—to leave this world a better place than you found it.

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