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Since childhood, I have loved working with my hands, eyes and mind, whether it is painting, drawing, silversmithing, sculpting, macrame, braiding, beading, carpentry, metalsmithing, gardening, photography, writing and improvisational acting or a combination of one or more in the course of working through a project idea to completion.

As an artist, I am motivated and inspired by need, so much of what I do is functional (using recyclable materials where possible) while pleasing in color, line and design and, when appropriate, accessibility. Outdoors, I am facinated by the possiblities of wood, copper, cement and hypertufa. Inside and out, I am inspired by space (or the lack thereof) and its energy. And I am awed by the tenacity of life.

As an artist, I feel independent and free to dream, create and enjoy. The entire process of conceptualizing, planning and executing within constraints set by the situation and materials at hand fuels my interest and passion. While I'm engaged in the actual execution of the work, I am oblivious to time and any other demands or chores. The intensity of creation is awesome.

And, it delights me that both perfection and imperfection co-exist in the final work—love this, that could be better, and over there, what was I thinking? In the end, it is all fine with me. The experience I gain on each project makes the next one that much more interesting.

I believe that having and pursuing personal visions, on any level, is one of the most satisfying things we, as human beings, can do.

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