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Carol L. Bluestein: GALLERY

SELECTED WORKS:       Garden       Mixed Media       Sculpture       Fire Dance

Description of each section follows:

Garden features photographs of my home garden which I have designed and nutured since 2002.

  • The structure: The structure of the backyard was initially conceptualized by landscape designer, John Kelly. As I proceeded to populate the beds, I changed the plant material. Then, when the center deck collapsed, I built the fish pond. All the wood has since been reused in a variety of projects
  • The pond: I designed the pond, laid the stone and redesign the interior every year. The hardscape of stepping stones was put in this year, with the exception of the paver-brick front path, which was put in two years ago, and the poured-cement stepping stones on the side contain drawings by my granddaughters.

Mixed Media features projects were conceptualized to solve a problem.

  • The screens in front of the garage are designedf to hide the garbage cans and mulch containers, visible during the spring, summer and fall. Each panel separates easily for compact storage.
  • The gates are made from fence slats tossed roadside by neighbors.
  • I created the wire flowers for front yard interest when the gardens was initially installed. They now enhance backyard.
  • The table was inspired by the aqua glass, a neighbor cast-off. The legs can easily removed and the table stored flat. In addition, the leg size can be changed out to create a coffee table.
  • The main front path uses bricks fromt another neighbor who redid her front walk with new pavers. It is intended to facilitate wheel-chair access to the back yard. Additional pavers are planned, for this year, to smooth out the ride. Note: As promised to my mother, by 2013 my whole garden (front and back) is wheelchair accessible.

Sculpture: These pieces are my interpretation of segments on HGTV. While the processes can be duplicated, the form of each piece is unique and can be designed to fit almost any space.

  • Backsplash - done directly on the kitchen backsplash: $50.00/sq.ft.*
  • Hypertufa and Copper Candelabra: $250.00*.
  • Ribbon: $2750.00* for 5' piece.

Fire Dance: Burning old papers in my fire-pit, I was struck by the way the breeze whipped the fire around. The forms and patterns were mesmerizing. I "ran" for my camera and proceeded to take hundreds of images. These selected pieces are my favorites.
        *Pricing per image, board mounted and self framed starts at $300 for 16x20, printed on metallic archival non-glare paper. Other options available, email me for more if you'd like more information.

         *All orders must be pre-paid. All pricing excludes tax, shipping and handling

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